Semi-sparkling white wine, fermented in bottle bottom natural ‘colfondo’ sur lies

Bordelais red wine

Semi-sparkling rosé wine, fermented in bottle bottom natural ‘colfondo’ sur lies

Blanc de Blancs Metodo Classico Nature 30 mesi

Dolce frizzante rifermentato in bottiglia metodo ancestrale colfondo.

Lessini Durello doc Riserva Metodo Classico Nature 120 mesi

Semi-sparkling orange wine, non known as skincontact white wine, skin fermented white wine or amber wine

Lessini durello doc riserva Nature 84 mesi millesimè plenitude 2009.

On Gambellara volcanic ground, grapevine roots are fed by the rich tufaceous and basaltic soil. It is in this way that a wine cultivation and production philosophy is born, inspired to nature respect and tradition. It is a process that goes up to the bottle: sulphur dioxide usage has been reduced and efforts are being made in order to lower it more and more.

Tradition is the actual background of our wines, rich in minerality. Above them all, Iseldo Ancestrale “colfondo” wine embodies the typical peasant Venetian wine, naturally fizzy as our grandparents used to drink it. “Here’s to the ones that we got”, an internationally famous band sing: a memory from the past that still lives in our present.

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