Basalts and volcanic tuffs catch the eye of those who discover Gambellara territory. The hexagonal basalt columns, like stone gems, stand out against the open-cast mine: a treasure of nature; a unique and extraordinary flower of the ground. On the same volcanic ground we can find Montecrocetta winery,

which belongs to Maule’s cousin: 40 hectares of local and international grapes that produce excellent red and white wines, as well as classic methods of great structure and minerality. For over twenty years these wines have been exposed on the national and, exclusively, international markets by Iseldo Maule’s cellar.

SINCE 1958


Maule family has dealt with agriculture and wine for three generations.
The wines of Iseldo Maule are created in Gambellara, a small country in the middle of Veneto, province of Vicenza. Iseldo Maule is a family company, it was founded in 1958. Iseldo was an expert man in the production of local wine, moreover he was appointed “Cavaliere del Lavoro” and then “Commendator”.

Since 1982 his son Graziano, he is an oenologist, has passionately followed the company in all its productive and commercial steps. The love for the territory and his lively passion led Graziano to revive the peculiar wines that his father Iseldo used to produce.

Natural frizzy


Tradition is the actual background of our wines, rich in minerality. bove them all, Iseldo Ancestrale “colfondo” wine embodies the typical peasant Venetian wine, naturally fizzy as our grandparents used to drink it.

Di ancestrale passione racchiudo il fermento, di una vita il momento è il suono che sento! Esplosioni a sorriso... dipingo ogni viso! "turbio"... a modo mio...questo sono io...



Scopri l'esclusivo progetto ISELDO ANCESTRALE COLFONDO...

In the heart of the Veneto in Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, the natural wines of Iseldo Maule are born.