Wisconsin Wine Festival 2016

Hopefully, you’re aware, that this year’s Wisconsin Wine Tasting Festival will be taking place at our restaurant.

It’s been a great honor for us, as we’ll be hosting it for the 5th time in a row!

That streak of recognition showcases, that our winery & restaurant is currently the most popular one in Milwaukee…

This year the only change to a traditional event’s roaster will be seen only in the total number of participants.

All the best wineries and producers in the region will come together on this day, celebrating the best wines and choosing the most professional and accurate sommeliers. Wish them all luck!

What people are saying about us

I’m a big fan of rose wines, so it’s no wonder that I’ve chosen this wine restaurant as my staple… They have the widest choice of rose wines among any other Wisconsin wineries that I’ve ever been to… And rose is a rare kind of wine!
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Whenever I want to treat myself to some kind of a vintage, fine wine, I always find myself at this place. Their selection of red and white wines is simply extraordinary! Never before have I seen a single bottle Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Ste.-Claire in Milwaukee!
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As I moved to Milwaukee, WI from the Napa valley in California, fine wine is definitely my thing… I can see nothing wrong with drinking a bottle per week, if it is, for example, a Bartolo Mascarello Barolo or a bottle of good old Oddero Barolo…
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